Mini Weenie Wax Melts


Work it, until you make it flaccid.


Beautiful penis soy wax melts for your home, hand poured in the French Riviera by The Gruber Club.

I can also make a custom wax melt for you, where you can select your favorite color & scent, check out the link here.

Each wax melt is one of a kind as it is hand-poured. There may be some frosting, air bubbles and slight color and appearance difference from fondant to fondant. Minor imperfections may be expected.

Approximative length is 5cm, but does size really matter?

Please only use the traditional tea light and warmer method when melting your wax melts as the heat generated from the candle disperses the fragrances much better than electric wax warmers. Don’t leave burning candles unattended.

Once melted the wax can be reused until it no longer gives off perfume. It can then be removed and wiped very easily with a cloth.

Sold individually.


Red: Premium Strawberry Fragrance, A sweet berry fragrance that is both tart and sweet like the fruit, makes you feel as if you were strolling through a field of fresh strawberries. The sweet scent of strawberry is believed to have increased arousal in people.

Yellow: Premium Vanilla Scent. Although this may be surprising to some, vanilla scents have been proven to increase male arousal by about nine per cent, making it pretty potent if you ask me.

Green: Premium Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Eucalyptus belongs to the woody fragrance family, which is characterized by rich and aromatic fragrance notes. Its smell comes from the oil in the silvery-blue leaves of eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus oil helps in de-stressing our mind and body.

Weight 0,010 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 cm

Eucalyptus, Strawberry, Vanilla

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