Willy Candle


This one is for the horny ones.


Beautiful erotic penis soy candle for your home, hand poured in the French Riviera by The Gruber Club.

I can also make a custom candle for you, where you can select your favorite color & scent, check out the link here.

Approximative length is 17cm, but does size really matters?

Each candle is one of a kind as is hand-poured. There may be some frosting, air bubbles and slight color and appearance difference from candle to candle. Minor imperfections may be expected.

My candles are designed for a decorative purpose. If you do choose to light them, please make sure that the candle is placed on a non-flammable dish to avoid the wax spilling onto your table. You can buy my concrete candle tray here.

Don’t leave burning candles unattended.

Tip from The Gruber Club: This penis candle can be used as a wax play candle, bdsm candle or just as candle for your sexual party.


White: Premium Sandalwood Scent. A woody, exotic scent from the Far East. It’s an excellent choice for renewing positive energies and was used as a natural aphrodisiac in ancient times. This popular scent is perfect when it comes to creating a sensual and intimate ambience.

Black: Premium Oud Scent. Oud has a rich, warm and woody scent that is highly prized in the Middle East, which brings a somewhat animalistic depth and incredible longevity to fragrances. Featuring top notes of agarwood and rose, ensuring this fragrance is full-bodied and highly aromatic.

Red: Premium Strawberry Fragrance, A sweet berry fragrance that is both tart and sweet like the fruit, makes you feel as if you were strolling through a field of fresh strawberries. The sweet scent of strawberry is believed to have increased arousal in people.

Yellow: Premium Vanilla Scent. Although this may be surprising to some, vanilla scents have been proven to increase male arousal by about nine per cent, making it pretty potent if you ask me.

Nude: Premium Chocolate Fragrance. The smell of chocolate really does make people less stressed and anxious, and more relaxed. For even more bliss for your brain, try chocolate meditation. Burn this lovely candle and indulge yourself in the present moment.

Weight 0,165 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 7 cm

Oud, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

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