Share your story!

You are a survivor. And you have a story. Your story has power. Your experiences, your failures, your success – they teach, inspire, motivate, and challenge. 

There’s someone out there just like you, who has a similar life situation you’ve encountered. They feel alone and fear what’s next.

Sharing your story, knowledge and lessons learned will make a change. It will give hope!

How I can help you to share your story

Your story could be available for my readers to see on my journal blog.

You can use the below contact form to get in touch. Just send me a brief description of a story you think could make an impact on someone’s else life.

Once I get your message, I will get back to you by email and from there I will ask you more questions. It will be like an interview, where you’ll have a chance to talk me through your story. Or if you prefer you can write the story in one go and submit. I will take care of taking everything and putting on the blog. 

You can see my story as an example on about page. 

P.S: Men Only.